Poetic Mysteries in Verse-Virtual.com

There are many mysteries among the poems that delighted me in July’s Verse-Virtual (http://www.verse-virtual.com/poems-and-articles.html). Michael Minassian’s poem “The Fortune Teller” reads like a deep parable with too many possible meanings for any of us to sort out simply. It features … Continue reading →

I’ll be speaking on ‘Suosso’s Lane’ at Cohasset library on July 23

I’ll be speaking on my novel “Suosso’s Lane” and reading a few excerpts at the Paul Pratt Memorial Library in Cohasset, MA, next Saturday, July 23. With terrorist attacks, attempted coups, and right-wing targeting of immigrant groups, 2016 is growing … Continue reading →

My Poems About Greece: Ancient Land, Young Heart

My poems about Greece are up on Verse-Virtual.com, the online journal that publishes a big batch of new poems every month.Here’s the link for the poems: http://www.verse-virtual.com/robert-knox-2016-july.html Greece is both a country with an ancient civilization and, judging by our … Continue reading →

New Poems Blossom in Verse-Virtual.com

Among the many notable poems in July’s Verse-Virtual.com, the online poetry journal, John Allman’s urbane postmortem on a bizarre historical-poetic footnote, “On the Removal of Whitman’s Brain,” tapped me on the shoulder and commanded attention. According to Allman’s note on … Continue reading →

What Kind of Person Was Bartolomeo Vanzetti?

What kind of person was Bartolomeo Vanzetti? According to the people who knew him, he was kind, courteous (especially to women), loved children; he was a talker, a dreamer (“he should have been a poet,” a friend said), a bachelor … Continue reading →

Celebrating Independence with John and Abigail Adams

John Adams thought that Independence Day should be celebrated on July 2, not the traditional date given national holiday status, July 4. July Fourth marked the date on which the delegates to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia signed The Declaration … Continue reading →