Interview of Author Robert Knox Live on Website

Author Richard Schiver has published his online interview with me. He regularly interviews authors through contacts made on and publishes them on his own as a service to the reading public and as a favor to writers like me. … Continue reading →

New Poems Published in South Florida Journal and Other Sites

There’s a certain satisfaction in writing to order. Here’s my first attempt at a “ghazal,” a form that is variously attributed to Arabic poetry, or Persian, or Urdu literature, depending on what reference source you look at. I can’t even … Continue reading →

Historical Echoes of Sacco and Vanzetti at Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth, Mass.

My thanks to Pilgrim Hall, to all the folks who turned out for my ‘speak and read’ on “Suosso’s Lane” last night, and to director Donna Curtin who gave me a spot in the museum’s busy fall program schedule. Once … Continue reading →