My Poem About Trees Reaches for the Sky

  My poem titled “As A Tree,” appearing in this month’s issue of begins with a reference to the tree’s unblushing approach to reproduction, characteristic of the plant world’s expression of necessary physical functions such as growth, nutrition, birth … Continue reading →

My Poems on Turning 90, that Springtime Family Feeling, and Thinking Like a Tree Published in Poetry Journal

My new poems “Chasing Ninety,” marking a dear relative’s milestone; “Family Way” on watching spring bring people together; and “As A Tree,” seeing the world through the point of view of a tree are published this month on, the … Continue reading →

Newspapers Hail New Book of Poems by Robert Knox

Two Massachusetts newspapers covered the release of my book of poems “Gardeners Do It With Their Hands Dirty.” The Old Colony Memorial, the community newspaper for the town of Plymouth, Mass., where I used to live and work, published a … Continue reading →

“Gardeners Do It With Their Hands Dirty,” My Book of Poems, Published

My first collection of poems, a chapbook titled “Gardeners Do It With Their Hands Dirty,” has been published this month by Finishing Line Press. The book consists of 27 poems, many of them related to gardening, the outdoors, planting a … Continue reading →

From “Trump the Musical” — New Poems Online

I have four new poems online this month on, the online poetry journal for which I serve as contributing editor, including a political parody entitled “From ‘Trump the Musical.’” Here’s how the poem begins: From “Trump the Musical” I’m … Continue reading →

My Poetry Collection To Be Published in March

My first poetry collection, a chapbook titled “Gardeners Do It With Their Hands Dirty,” is scheduled for publication by Finishing Line Press in March. I’m grateful for a couple of recommendations by fellow poets and writers that will appear in … Continue reading →

My Post-Election Poems Published Online

The December issue of, the online poetry journal, published four of my poems in response an election that I can only describe — using the mildest term I can think of — as disappointing. Here’s an excerpt from my … Continue reading →

Interview of Author Robert Knox Live on Website

Author Richard Schiver has published his online interview with me. He regularly interviews authors through contacts made on and publishes them on his own as a service to the reading public and as a favor to writers like me. … Continue reading →

New Poems Published in South Florida Journal and Other Sites

There’s a certain satisfaction in writing to order. Here’s my first attempt at a “ghazal,” a form that is variously attributed to Arabic poetry, or Persian, or Urdu literature, depending on what reference source you look at. I can’t even … Continue reading →