My Poem About Trees Reaches for the Sky

  My poem titled “As A Tree,” appearing in this month’s issue of begins with a reference to the tree’s unblushing approach to reproduction, characteristic of the plant world’s expression of necessary physical functions such as growth, nutrition, birth … Continue reading →

New Poems Published in South Florida Journal and Other Sites

There’s a certain satisfaction in writing to order. Here’s my first attempt at a “ghazal,” a form that is variously attributed to Arabic poetry, or Persian, or Urdu literature, depending on what reference source you look at. I can’t even … Continue reading →

Poetic Mysteries in

There are many mysteries among the poems that delighted me in July’s Verse-Virtual ( Michael Minassian’s poem “The Fortune Teller” reads like a deep parable with too many possible meanings for any of us to sort out simply. It features … Continue reading →

My Poems About Greece: Ancient Land, Young Heart

My poems about Greece are up on, the online journal that publishes a big batch of new poems every month.Here’s the link for the poems: Greece is both a country with an ancient civilization and, judging by our … Continue reading →

New Poems Blossom in

Among the many notable poems in July’s, the online poetry journal, John Allman’s urbane postmortem on a bizarre historical-poetic footnote, “On the Removal of Whitman’s Brain,” tapped me on the shoulder and commanded attention. According to Allman’s note on … Continue reading →