Readers in Quincy and Plymouth Remember Sacco and Vanzetti

At two public programs last week readers at the Crane Library in Quincy and the Center for Active Living in Plymouth shared with their reasons for having an enduring interest in the case of Sacco and Vanzetti, Italian immigrants executed … Continue reading →

The Biggest, Saddest Gathering in Boston

At Tuesday night’s program at the Quincy library, historian Robert D’Attilio told us that Hollywood was ordered by government officials to destroy all newsreel footage of Sacco and Vanzetti’s funeral march. Here’s an account of the funeral: “a two-hour funeral … Continue reading →

100 Years Ago, Wartime Inflation Causes Strikes

1916, the year Americans re-elected Woodrow Wilson — and Wilson promised to keep America out of war — was the year that workers at the Plymouth Cordage Company, the world’s leading ropemaker, went on strike for higher pay. At the … Continue reading →

Speaking at Quincy MA library on Tuesday, June 14

I have a close-to-home date to speak on “Suosso’s Lane” next week. Here’s the PR from the Crane Public Library in Quincy: Crime By the Book: Suosso’s Lane, a Modern Sacco-Vanzetti Tale “On Tuesday, June 14, at 7:00 p.m. novelist … Continue reading →